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            Doors & Windows Care & Maintenance
Cleaning Window, Glass & Frames. 
Follow our cleaning tips to restore your windows & Doors to their original factory look .

Vacuum around window/door frame and sash, it is important to keep the sill or track clean of any dirt or debris to avoid scratching the glass .

Choose a standard glass cleaner for the glass and a mild detergent for the frame. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel to apply cleaner.

It's important to periodically lubricate all window/door tracks and rollers. We recommend that you lubricate the hardware components once a year.

Maintenance Tips

The main cause of condensation on your windows is humidity in your home. Humid air travels around your house and comes into contact with a surface that is colder than the inside air temperature, usually your windows, and turns into condensation.

Preventing Condensation:

Condensation become a bigger problem during the winter months, as the temperature of the window panels is typically low, causing sustained condensation throughout the day. Thus, using a dehumidifier is recommended. It is an affordable device and ensures that the humidity level inside the house is restricted.

Window condensation can be greatly reduced by ventilating regularly by turning on exhaust fans after showers and baths, over the stove while cooking and even leaving windows open for a short time on a cold day, this will replace the moist air in your home with dry air from outside. Keeping drapes and curtains pulled back from your windows will also help reduce moisture build up on your glass by letting air move across the window.

You can add a dehumidifier to reduce excess moisture.

Using ceiling fans can also help. This increases the movement of air within the house, pushing-out the heavier, moisture-rich air. Increased air circulation also fastens drying-up the moist, window surface.


Condensation does not indicate faulty window or installation; let's talk about window condensation. Every homeowner has experienced some form of condensation in their life whether on the inside of your window, the outside of your window or between the insulated sealed units of your window. This condensation is not only frustrating but also can be devastating to your home by causing rot to your wall as well as mould.

Preparing for Winter Season Condensation by  adjust humidifier setting lower for colder weather.

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